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Anyone may join in. The "Club" is an open group and all are welcome. To keep things simple, there is no membership fee, and no other formalities, other than a small entrance fee to cover costs. However, you may be included on our email distribution list if you care to provide an email address.
Welcome to 2020. And we'd be delighted if you would like to come along and enjoy one of our talks. 
The group meets once a month on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 2:00 pm. Meetings are conducted in English, and are held at the Downley Community Centre, School Close, High Wycombe, HP13 5TR.  

For more information, and how to find us, see the Maps page.

Review some of our previous presentations

16th January 2020 - My Cossack Family and other Remarkable People

Caroline Walton talks about her new book, which describes her personal experiences, the people she has met and the Ukrainian-Russian family she married into. She has discovered in them a spiritual strength that has enabled survival of famine, war and nuclear disaster. The talk will include discussion.

Caroline Walton is the author of several books on Russia and the former USSR, including The Besieged (about the siege of Leningrad). A Russian to English literary translator and editor, she helps Russian-language authors achieve publication in English (see Her new book My Cossack Family - And Other Remarkable People in Russia and Ukraine has recently been published and will be available to look at in the meeting. 

2:00 pm, Thursday. 16th January 2020

Oak Room, Downley Community Centre. (Map, and how to find us)

20th February 2020 - The story behind Beef Stroganov

A brief look at what the Stroganov Family contributed to the development of Russia

An illustrated talk by Sandra Hurst.
2:00 pm, Thursday 20th February
Oak Room, Downley Community Centr
e. (Map, and how to find us)

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Future meetings:  We would like to hear your thoughts and ideas for future activities. Tell us what you like, and don't like, and perhaps offer your experiences or expertise. Your input is an important part of our work to draw up a programme for the year ahead.